Why I’m Running To Be Queens DA

As a young man of color growing up in this City in the 1980s and 90s, I saw how violent crime can tear apart families and communities.  On the other hand, I also grew up being subjected to racial profiling by police and have seen how unfair police practices deteriorate the community’s trust and confidence in the criminal justice system.  I spent the last 18 years working in law enforcement reconciling the tension between these two realities. I believe that we can reconstruct our Criminal justice system to promote public safety while also respecting each individual’s rights and dignity.  In this extraordinary moment in history, in this election for Queens District Attorney, we have an opportunity to make fundamental policy and procedural changes in our criminal justice system. These changes will ensure fair and equal justice for all Queens residents. For many years, I have worked hard to advance criminal justice reform and bring a progressive agenda to law enforcement in New York. As Queens District Attorney, I will broaden the core function of the office to more than merely obtaining criminal convictions.

I am running for Queens County District Attorney because I want to redirect the focus of the Queens District Attorney’s Office away from merely charging and incarcerating Queens residents in all criminal cases.  Rather, I will focus the office’s resources on diverting non-violent defendants away from the criminal justice system, engage in meaningful alternative to incarceration sentencing practices, carefully considering a defendant’s collateral immigration consequences when negotiating plea agreements and identifying new ways to reduce the risk of recidivism of defendants by supporting a defendant’s reentry and reintegration process into our community. My progressive view of criminal prosecution will allow me to focus the work of the approximately 300 prosecutors in the District Attorney’s office on protecting all Queens families and residents by zealously prosecuting violent crimes, sexual assaults, domestic violence, hate crimes, human trafficking, public corruption, fraud and the illegal sale and distribution of guns and drugs in our communities.  My progressive agenda as District Attorney will integrate the reconstruction of our Criminal justice system with the core prosecutorial functions of public safety and the pursuit of justice in society.